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Laminated wood windows
Industrial - Curtain walls
PVC joinery


Made of laminated wood

Profiles executed in layered form from three radially-cut, without knots, fused in the teeth; Profile Moisture: 8% - 10%


Window protection

Shutters are a protection for your home, no matter where you live or the chosen model (retro, rustic, contemporary).


Longer summer!

How can we profit from the benefits of natural light during the winter months? A solution is "winter garden"!

Interior doors

Lights, shadows, mystery

Like any aspect of interior decoration, the shape of an interior door is an integral part of the design of a room.

Andrei Paraschiv

Mondial S.R.L.

I recommend to everyone the professional way in which the Mistic Comfort team works. The relationship with them is one of the most valuable business resources I have gained.

Sandra Petchescu


The laminated wood doors I bought from you are the smartest thing I ever bought EVER. I can not tell you how happy I am with these doors. They are great and they close perfectly!

Pavel Chetrinescu

Remil Pro S.R.L.

I bought shutters from your company. Your services are truly professional, and advice has added value to the product I am 100% satisfied!

Alexandru Gherga

Perusound S.R.L.

Continue the excellent work you are doing. I will recommend you to my knowledge. The winter garden you built us extended our summer days. Thank you!