• Telefon: +40 726 202 361
  • Email: office@misticconfort.ro

Our activity consists of:

  • providing advice on the best solutions that can be implemented in a specific project;
  • selling products for interior design at an unbeatable quality / price ratio;
  • installing these products with a team of specialists with years of experience in the field.

The approach that describes us best is seriousness and responsibility towards clients and the projects they entrust us with.

We are currently selecting and selling many high-quality product ranges, from solid wood joinery, PVC and aluminum joinery to rolls, shutters, interior and exterior doors, garage doors and many others.

We provide "turnkey" services and that includes different types of projects with precise requirements. It is in our practice to provide impeccable service from the beginning until the end. After completing a project, you will not need to use auxiliary personnel for additional repairs or modifications. The Mistic Confort team leaves behind only the final product and, in addition, order and discipline are something natural from our point of view. We want you to be pleased with our collaboration and we do our best to achieve this goal.

Another asset of our company and a facility that we provide to our clients is the availability of Mistic team after the end of the project. We also offer technical support after installing the sold products to those of you who seek specialist advice afterwards.