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System features:

  1. Complete system of windows and doors with thermal barrier exclusively for the residential sector. The system has a wide range of profiles that can be used with any architectural typology.
  2. he system is based on profiles from M 11500 with superior accessory (polyurethane in the median room, efficient system of gaskets on the perimeter of the insulated window and the wand).
  3. Installation is easy due to additional profiles that offer solutions for any type of construction.
  4. Can be painted in any RAL color or wood imitation - very important from an aesthetic point of view.
  5. The system is more reliable and durable than the similar PVC or wood system.
  6. Front doors are only made with coplanar profiles, 3D hinges and claw action systems.


System type Swinging system with thermal barrier
U frame 0.98 - 1.72 W/mpK
exterior aspect Right jamb, rounded neoplanar sash, rounded planar sash
Seals On gaskets
Thermal bridge polyamide 34 - 38 mm
maximum sash weight 110 kg
Hardware GU
Width jambs 76.5 mm
Neoplanar sash width 84 mm
Planar sash width 76.5 mm
T visible area
minimum 90 mm
Glass thickness 24 - 30 - 44 - 52 mm
Delivery times 2 - 4 weeks white color (ral 9016) and RAL standard color
4 - 6 weeks wood imitations, sanding, anodizing