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Like any aspect of interior decoration, the shape of an interior door is an integral part of the design of a room.

A beautiful door offers lights, shadows and sometimes even mystery. For illustration we present the new layered wood doors available in many domestic and exotic essences: oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, meranti, bamboo, etc.

The materials used in making a layered wood interior door are carefully sorted by personnel with a lot of experience in the field and processed with high performance equipment.

1. Adjustable sill - made of MDF covered with natural veneer;
2. Dot - made of composite material (MDF + massive panel + MDF) or solid finger joint;
3. Door leaf - made of layered lime or spruce finger joint, covered with natural veneer;
4. Glass or blackboard;
5. Wand - made of MDF covered with natural veneer;
6. Sealing collar.

We offer high quality, modern accessories.