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START 60 Window

The START 60 window is based on the SALAMANDER DESIGN 2D profile system that allows making simple, yet elegant windows. It covers a market segment for which the economic aspect prevails and does not require special isolation requirements.

Besides the classic appearance, the 2D profile, with a 60 mm depth of construction, also offers excellent functionality. Getting optimal stability and easy maintenance ensure the best design for sophisticated windows.


  • High quality material, thanks to the technologies used, this material can be recycled up to 7 times;
  • Generous steel reinforcements guarantee high stability and long service life;
  • Classic, elegant look with fine edges;
  • Optimal protection against wind and rain: insulation seals provide stability and a long lifespan;
  • Easy maintenance thanks to high quality materials with extremely dense structure of the surface;
  • Construction depth of 60 mm;
  • Up to 3 isolation chambers;
  • The START window is equipped with high quality sealing gaskets of light gray TPE for a modern aesthetic appearance;
  • Rounded glazing wraps contribute to a modern and pleasant appearance of the window;
  • Allows variable glazing between 4 mm and 24 mm;
  • Uf thermal transfer coefficient up to 1.5 w / m2k. Sound protection up to 46 Db;
  • Simple, swinging or oscillating openings can be made within the system;
  • The START windows are available in SALAMANDER WHITE;
  • The START windows are not available for arches;
  • The START window is made of coextruded profiles, contributing to the protection of the environment.