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EVOLUTION 92- the new window generation. The bluEvolution profile system combines perfectly top technology with conventional technology. The 92-mm exclusive depth offers the best in class thermal protection and energy efficiency.

The visible width of the profiles gives the EVOLUTION windows significant gains of brightness. EVOLUTION 92 window is aligned with the modern trend of narrow and clear design.


  • High quality material, thanks to the technologies used, this material can be recycled up to 7 times;
  • Reliable transfer of load even to large glass weights through a special design of reinforcement chambers;
  • Weather protection and very easy maintenance due to renowned materials with a very dense surface structure;
  • High-quality sheets available in a wide range of colors. Available in a variety of standard colors and decors and other custom RAL colors;
  • The EVOLUTION 92 window is equipped with a two-ball sealing system and a medial gasket;
  • Construction depth of 92 mm;
  • The EVOLUTION 92 windows feature elegant lines with narrow widths of only 118 mm;
  • The EVOLUTION system is also a conventional system based on PVC reinforced steel profiles for white and colored windows with no shape or functional limitations;
  • The EVOLUTION 92 windows are equipped with the most technologically advanced hardware/ironing available on the market: WINKHAUS activPilot and ROTO NT; The standard EVOLUTION windows are equipped with the finest equipment;
  • The EVOLUTION 92 window is equipped with high quality sealing gaskets of light gray or black TPE for a modern aesthetic appearance/look;
  • Rounded glazing wraps contribute to a modern and pleasant appearance of the window;
  • The EVOLUTION 92 window allows variable glazing between 26 mm and 60 mm;
  • Uf thermal transfer coefficient up to 1.0 w / mpk or 0.94 w/mpk, using Thermtec reinforcements;
  • Break-in protection up to RC2 standards;
  • Simple, swinging or oscillating openings and remote openings can be made within the system.