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The CONFORT 76 Window

The CONFORT 76 window is based on the SALAMANDER STREAMLINE 76 profile system. Not only the design of the profile system is impressive but also the built-in technology that significantly improves the comfort of life and reduces energy costs. The penta-cameral system, with a 76 mm construction width and large steel reinforcements, ensures stability and excellent thermal insulation.

The dual gaskets system integrated in the production process prevents noise and cold. The surface with a high-density structure makes Streamline SL weatherproof and easy to clean.


  • High quality material, thanks to the technologies used, this material can be recycled up to 7 times;
  • Generous steel reinforcements guarantee high stability and long service life;
  • Fine edges combined with windows of the latest technology;
  • Reduced energy costs, better quality of life;
  • 5-chamber profile system and two rows of gaskets offering optimal thermal and sound insulation;
  • Protecţie împotriva intemperiilor şi întreţinere foarte uşoară datorită materialelor de renume cu o structură a suprafeţei foarte densă
  • High-quality sheets available in a wide range of colors. Available in a variety of standard colors and decors and other custom RAL colors;
  • Construction depth of 76 mm;
  • The CONFORT 76 window is equipped with high quality sealing gaskets of light gray or black TPE for a modern aesthetic appearance;
  • Rounded glazing wraps contribute to a modern and pleasant appearance of the window;
  • The CONFORT 76 window allows variable glazing between 20 mm and 48 mm;
  • Uf thermal transfer coefficient up to 1.3 w / m2k. Sound protection up to 47 Db; Break-in protection up to RC2 standards;
  • Simple, swinging or oscillating openings and remote openings can be made within the system;
  • The CONFORT 76 windows allow elements of any shape and complexity to meet the most diverse market demands. Special shapes and arches can be easily executed within this system;
  • The CONFORT 76 windows are equipped with the most technologically advanced hardware available on the market: WINKHAUS activPilot and ROTO NT.