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Shutters are a protection measure for your home, no matter where you live or what the chosen model is (retro, rustic, contemporary).

They are made of different wood types (spruce, pine, meranti, ash or oak) to allow every customer to choose their model.

Hardware is in accordance with the style of the shutter- retro or contemporary, and it comes in a wide range of colors.

The exterior wooden shutters have a role both in aesthetics and in safety.

They provide good protection of the wooden window against:

  • UV rays
  • Strong light
  • Summer heat
  • Cold winter
  • Water during the rains
  • Acid rain
  • Strong wind
  • Intrusion.

The profiles that make up the shutter frame are 48x60mm thick. The 48x10mm shading rails, with at least 3 crossbars (see the image) give the shutter resistance over time.

What is layered wood?

Layered wood is the one used in the manufacture of wooden windows.

Simple definition of layered wood: Three lamellas (planks) glued together on top of each other constitute a layered wood prism. This prism (profile) is used in the manufacture of modern wood joinery.

Prism production process (element, profile):

  • Logs are debited, debased and cut resulting in a rough plank;
  • The rough board is cut to standard sizes to obtain strips;
  • The strips are dried to 8% humidity;
  • The strips are debited to obtain wood blades ("the planks" mentioned above);
  • The lamellas are also sorted and if they have the nodes, they are removed. The lamellas merge using finger joints resulting in the desired length;
  • The lamellas stick to each other to obtain the layered wood.

The prism (element, profile) of layered wood has superior properties over a single-block profile as it consists of three or more lamellas (planks).


  • Bearing is almost doubled;
  • Bending due to moisture is very low (since each lamella has its own bending different from the bending of the neighboring lamella so as a whole they cancel each other);
  • The stratified wood prisms can be used for: windows, winter gardens, building beams, stairs, shutters.